Mykeljon Winckel

guitars, vocals

Ernest Semu

piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer

Anthony Hunt


Robert Kyle

saxophones, flutes

Chris Tedesco

trumpet, Flügelhorn

Jim McMillen


Trinidad Sanchez III


Isaac Sanchez

drums, percussion

Groovexpress is a collaborative music project, formed in 2010 by composer, arranger and producer, Mykeljon. A group of players of a calibre found only in those at the top of their game, Groovexpress masterfully fuse elements from the ‘jazz standard’ days to the fresh melodic sounds in the smooth jazz format. Groovexpress has been compared with such masters as Earth Wind & Fire, Tower of Power and even that of the funk delicious grooves of James Brown. Groovexpress manages to keep each album fresh with contemporary flavours, creating “upbeat, fun, sensual jazz” that is “ageless and timeless.

This dedication to their craft, their listeners, and their fans is earning Groovexpress international acclaim, with their debut album, ‘Ukrainian Doll’, receiving sustained airplay on some of the biggest jazz radio stations across the globe. So get your groove on, grab a ticket, and get onboard – Groovexpress is not to be missed.


Mykeljon Winckel

With over 30 years as a professional musician, arranger, composer and producer, Mykeljon's deep musical knowledge and wealth of experience have made him a true master of both the studio and stage.

Originally training to be a teacher, yet unable to ignore the musical fire burning within him, Mykeljon left his home-town of Auckland, New Zealand to study music at the Queensland Conservatorium in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating with a Degree in Music Technology and an Associate Diploma in Jazz, he founded his own commercial production studio, where he worked for over a decade. In 1996, looking to start a new chapter, Mykeljon headed to Los Angeles, C.A. – there, performing and recording with such talents as Andy Suzuki, Pat Kelley, Ernest Tibbs, John Ferraro, Michito Sanchez, and the late Rickey Grundy.

Alongside his work with Groovexpress, Mykeljon is currently producing and arranging material for his next solo album, a follow-up to acclaimed 2012 release, “World Stood Still”.

Ernest Semu

A veteran of the Australasian music scene, Ernestʼs talent on the keys has seen him share the stage with some of the most recognisable names in New Zealand music, including Frankie Stevens, John Rowles, Sir Howard Morrison, Tina Cross, and Annie Crummer.

A seminal member of infamous house band Cairo, which dominated New Zealand tourist hub Rotoruaʼs live music scene throughout the 1980ʼs, Semu has garnered numerous recording, performing and arranging credits to his name in the years since, including recent work with Steve Cooke, Lance Sua, Caitlin Smith, and King Kapisi. In hot demand as both a session player and performing artist, Semu appears frequently at Sky City Casino and various other venues around Auckland, as well as regular five-star hotel residencies as a guest artist, both in Japan and throughout the Pacific.

Anthony Hunt

With strong classical roots, Anthony Hunt was exposed to music from an early age. Playing keys drums and bass in church from aged 15, and Jazz groups from aged 17, he completed a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance on piano at the NZ School of Music.

Hunt has performed with local legends Nathan Haines, Roger Fox, Erna Ferry, Ron Samson and in bands ‘dDub’ and ‘Spiral’ crossing several musical boundaries from jazz to funk, reggae to dub and fusion, with festival performances across NZ and Australia, performances on National TV and recorded on recent albums “Songomantis” and “Live at the Lab”.

Robert Kyle


Known for his warm sound, melodic style, and his ability to harmoniously cross musical borders, Robert Kyleʼs lyricism and fluidity as a multi-instrumentalist have made him one of Los Angelesʼ most respected musicians. A Yamaha Artist, with nine albums to his own name, Kyleʼs performing and recording credits include work with some of the biggest names in contemporary jazz, blues and popular music – from Stevie Wonder, Michael Bolton, Chaka Khan and Jason Mraz; to Michael McDonald, Natalie Cole, Lou Rawls, and Linda Rondstadt.

Kyle has a very active career as a studio and performing musician; he has been a featured soloist on hundreds of recordings, and in addition has performed at the Academy Awards, the Emmys, the BET Awards, and some of the largest jazz festivals and concert stages in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Kyle is also a highly-skilled producer and arranger, and has produced and arranged CDs for Leslie Paula, Carol Bach-y-Rita, Miguel Gutierrez, Betty Bryant, Braziliando, The Hi-Fi-Quintet, Rose Mallett and many others. He has been musical director for blues diva Linda Hopkins, Leslie Paula, Miguel Gutierrez, and ‘Jazz Bliss Brazil’ and has performed internationally at many of the biggest Jazz festivals and venues in the world.

Chris Tedesco


Chris Tedesco has distinguished himself as a one of the top call Trumpet players on the music scene in Los Angeles since 1987. Equally at home performing classical Trumpet or jazz, chamber music or orchestral pieces. He is a graduate of the University of Miami in Florida, where he studied trumpet with Gil Johnson, former Principal Trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra under Eugene Ormandy.

Chrisʼs Jazz album titled “Living the Dream” made it to the number eight slot for two weeks and stayed in the top thirty for two months on jazz radio in 2010. He is the leader of the Angel City Horn section, which have recorded the hit tunes “Don’t Cha Wish” for the Pussy Cat Dolls, and Christina Aguileraʼs “Candyman” and “Nasty Naughty Boy”.

Jim McMillen

Jim McMillen has established himself in Los Angeles as a top Trombonist, Arranger, and Music Producer in the Los Angeles area for over 3 decades. Equally at home as a player and arranger Jim has performed Jazz, Rock, Funk, Pop, Chamber Music, Orchestra, Musical Theater, Circus, Salsa, Ska and Reggae with some of the biggest names in the business.

Jim held the dual titles of assistant conductor, and principle Trombonist for the Hour of Power Orchestra at the Crystal Cathedral for 14 years where he arranged and conducted the full orchestra on live broadcasts to over 20 million people.

Isaac Sanchez


Carrying a pair of sticks in his hand since he was only 11 years old, Isaac Sanchez has honed his craft as a freelance drummer and percussionist. Originally inspired to take up hand percussion by Mexican-American conguero legend, Poncho Sanchez, he has since contributed his deeply musical playing to the performances of many jazz ensembles and vocal jazz rhythm sections, as well as the recordings of numerous independent artists and singer-songwriters, including Raymond Gregory, Marcus Gerakos, Crystal Lewis, Hector Hermosillo, Emily Simonian, and Tyrone Wells.

With a strong background in both gospel and Latin music, yet fortunate to study and play in a variety of styles, Sanchez is renowned for his pursuit of authenticity in every project he undertakes.

Trinidad Sanchez III

Trinidad started playing music when he was 11 years old. His first instrument was drums, but he quickly gravitated to bass guitar and that became his primary instrument. He also plays acoustic and electric guitar.

He was a California native up until 2009 when he and his wife moved to Nashville, T.N., where he currently writes and produces out of his recording studio – Warner Robins Studio – in Nashville.


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